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HealthDx offers a holistic preventive health service that utilizes a mobile app and an online training program.

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    During the program you will learn to interpret your own blood test results.

HealthDx mobile app – Comprehensive tool for achieving optimal health

Personal HealthDx Resilience Index

Unique index based on your test results. Provides you information on how to increase your mental and physical stamina.

Easy to understand analysis

You receive your results in a clear and understandable format. The interpretations of your results are personalized for you and include optimal reference values for selected markers.

Online training program

Designed by Dr. Olli Sovijärvi, the systematic online training program provides you with explicit recommendations based on your results.

Private consultation

Optimize your health with targeted professional help. Experts, such as healthcare or nutrition specialists will answer your questions.

The expert behind the HealthDx

Dr. Olli Sovijärvi is one of the pioneers of holistic medicine in Finland. He has graduated from the University of Helsinki with a Licentiate degree in Medicine and completed an integral theory degree at John F. Kennedy University, focusing on psychology and philosophy. He has worked at nearly 50 different clinics and ERs around Finland and acted as consultant to various companies and service providers operating in the fields of wellness and health technology. At present, Sovijärvi focuses primarily on the production of scientific content for preventive health care and wellbeing. He is a co-author of the Biohacker’s handbook and co-founder of Biohacker Center.

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Analyzing laboratory test results and finding professional help is challenging.

HealthDx is a digital health center that helps people achieve optimal health and well-being. We provide you comprehensive results that are easy to understand – as a self service or assisted by experienced professionals. HealthDx team has strong and wide experience. We have deep knowledge in well-being technology, digital services, machine learning, pharmacy services as well as healthcare and laboratory services.


HealthDx is a digital health center that develops web and mobile services for achieving holistic well-being by utilising laboratory tests, best well-being applications and AI.


Current healthcare system is concentrated on treating diseases. However a transition towards preventive healthcare is happening right now. Mission of HealthDx is to be a world leading digital healthcare center that serves customers holistically to achieve optimal health.

Value proposition

With our service users can utilise laboratory tests results quickly, easily and affordably. Our service provides tools for developing and maintaining holistic well-being.