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HealthDx team has strong industry experience. We have deep knowledge in well-being technology, digital services
and machine learning, pharmacy services, healthcare and laboratory services.

Teemu Arina
Teemu ArinaTechnology professional
A pioneer of biohacking, Leonardo Award laureate and author of Biohacker’s Handbook.
Niina Koivu
Niina KoivuDiagnostics
Diagnostics professional. Experienced sales and marketing professional in Finland and internationally.
Vladislav Jumppanen
Vladislav JumppanenCTO
Experienced technology professional concentrated on IoT, cloud services and AI. Acknowledged Project Management Professional.
Tiina Vaitomaa
Tiina VaitomaaCEO
Apothecary and a reformer of pharmacy industry with over 20 years of experience. Has successfully piloted a well-being pharmacy concept in Finland that got internationally rewarded.


Dr. Olli Sovijärvi
Dr. Olli SovijärviMedical professional
A pioneer of holistic well-being and author of Biohacker’s Handbook.